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Tony Reynolds
General Manager, Employee Experience

As the General Manager of Employee Experience, Tony makes sure all 23,000 employees in locations around the world have the culture, workplace, and technology they need in place to be productive and successful. For a company as large and globally distributed as Cathay Pacific, creating change takes patience, focus and a clear vision.

Willow has allowed us from word go to enable a fantastic employee experience and avoid the one size fits all model.
— Tony Reynolds


When Tony came into his role, the airline was in a period of turbulence. To respond to a changing business environment and higher customer and employee expectations, his team knew they needed to improve their employee-facing technology. But with no clear vision, where to start?

Tony’s goal was to put together a three-year roadmap that would establish the vision for the digital employee experience, align his team and leadership around shared goals, and help transform the employee experience within a time of major transition for the organisation.

Given the size of the business, need to focus on safety and security, complexity of running a 24/7 operation, and working within a legacy IT environment, any decisions made would have long-term consequences and significant cost implications.

Choosing a partner

The team at Cathay Pacific sought Willow’s help in facilitating the discussions needed to develop a roadmap and future-state definition that would meet the needs of both employees and the business. Having already partnered with Willow on several projects, Tony knew the Willow team had the knowledge of their business, systems, and employees that would be required to create a shared vision.

The agility of Willow’s team, our ability to balance design and technology, and experience working with highly dispersed, specialised workforces made us the perfect fit for the tasks at hand.

In addition, Tony knew that having experienced outsiders to guide the discussions and prioritisation activities would help his team develop more objective recommendations.


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A hands-on approach

The Willow team spent a week on the ground in Hong Kong leading hands-on workshops and conducting interviews to understand the challenges and opportunities different groups faced, as well as their imagined future state.

The goal: to understand the current technical and digital employee experience landscape, and where it needed to be in the future, in order to define and prioritise the steps needed to get there.

Taking input from all areas and levels of the business, we created a roadmap to bring it all together and to life. The roadmap helped Tony’s team align diverse groups of stakeholders, providing a reference point to always return to and a clear path forward.

We were also able to answer one of the most simple, but challenging questions: where to start? After running the sessions, prioritising employee needs and tying everything back to Cathay Pacific’s commitment to customer experience, it was clear that the best place to start was with the people closest to their customers. By giving people on the frontline the tools and technology they need to be happy and productive, Cathay Pacific could transform not only their employee experience but their customer experience as well.

With the roadmap, the Employee Experience team was able to get the leadership buy-in they needed to start bringing their vision to life.


  • Simple, prioritised roadmap
  • Actionable next steps provide focus
  • Organisational buy-in and support for a shared vision
  • Clarity on what to do, both immediately and in the future
  • Understanding what should stay and what should go