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– Create culture as a competitive advantage




Banking & Finance


52,000 employees


Less, but better. Sure it's a classic design philosophy, but it can also be a great strategy for candidate attraction.

Commonwealth Bank came to Willow with a fairly unique problem: they were attracting too many candidates. In FY15, approximately 300,000 people applied to work at Commbank for just 9,000 open roles.

And it’s no wonder – they’re ranked second on the LinkedIn Top Companies to Work for in Australia list. With such a strong employer brand and reputation, they needed a way to not just attract candidates, but to attract the right candidates. We partnered with CommBank to produce a mobile-friendly careers website through which candidates could discover and learn about the types of roles available and, just as importantly, the type of people and passion CommBank is looking to attract.


A great experience for all

Setting out to redefine the online recruitment experience, we quickly realised the obvious: nobody likes getting turned down. The goal was to provide all candidates with a great experience, no matter the outcome. At a business as prevalent as CommBank, applicants aren’t just candidates  – they’re customers and community partners.

We worked closely with the Talent Acquisition team to understand the desires and needs of the candidates they worked with every day.


In FY15, approximately 300,000 people applied to work at Commbank for just 9,000 open roles.

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Presenting the workplace of the future

Several days of one-on-one interviews, workshops and focus groups later, we had quickly built up knowledge of what the brand stands for, and how it's perceived by candidates and the community: as an innovator, a collaborator, a place to share and grow ideas and ventures.

This allowed us to rethink what candidates want from the job application process and guided us away from traditional corporate careers communications. We instead focused on relevant, topical, highly visual and editorially styled content about the people at CommBank.

Through video, written articles, imagery and illustrations, we designed and produced beautiful content that pushed the boundaries of traditional careers environments as well as the limits of their CMS. The new responsive and mobile-friendly site is high-impact and uncluttered, focusing on quality content and showing rather than telling people about life at CommBank.

Since the first phase of launch, we've continued to work with CommBank to develop engaging, tailored content for their candidates. In an organisation of 52,000 employees there are endless stories to be told, and we're continuing to do so.



  • Attracting fewer, better candidates with targeted messaging
  • Allowing their employer brand to shine through
  • Creating a platform to engage and share
  • Using curated, tailored, and fresh content to keep candidates engaged
  • Treating candidates as customers