– Understand the Employee Experience
– Improve employee engagement






201-500 employees

Meet the team


Leanne Jensen-Smith
Employee Experience HR Manager

Leanne Jensen-Smith is the Organisation Development Manager at the Sydney based non-profit. She’s tasked with leading the development and implementation of the vision, goals and strategy for organisation development at Teachers Health; creating a strong organisational culture; and helping employees deliver the ‘people’ element of the customer experience.

The Willow team went to extraordinary lengths to make sure they understood what I needed from the project.
— Leanne Jensen-Smith


Like all service businesses, the success of Teachers Health Fund depends on hiring the right people, keeping them engaged, and helping them grow. They knew that by getting the employee experience right from day one, they could continue to provide and innovate great customer experiences in turn.

Having already conducted customer journey mapping to better understand the needs and experiences of their different customer segments and seen great results, they now wanted to do the same for their employees. Their goal was to ensure the employee experience and people were in alignment with their vision and strategy for improving the customer experience.




Teachers Health Fund approached Willow to help them map the employee journey after hearing about our work with Cathay Pacific. Like the Employee Experience team there, Teachers Health Fund were looking for a way to identify and prioritise opportunities that would have the greatest impact for their employees, and in turn their customers. Leanne’s team needed an employee experience design partner to help identify new solutions within the multiple touchpoints employees encountered on a daily basis.


Auditing the experience

We kicked things off by meeting with senior management and employees from across the business in order to get their buy-in, introduce them to journey mapping, and develop a set of drivers and motivations that everybody could agree with. We also reviewed existing employee research so that everybody had a baseline understanding of what employees were thinking and feeling.

To augment that research, we also interviewed employees across a range of roles, working styles, and locations. For Teachers Health, it was important that we understood a variety of perspectives. Their employees and working environments are incredibly diverse, covering remote workers, frontline staff, call centre staff, claims assessors, head office support, flexible workers, and more. No two roles are the same.

Our team wanted to understand their needs across physical, technological, and cultural environments, so we also toured the offices to immerse ourselves in “a day in the life” of an employee.


collaborative workshops


major pain points


prioritised opportunities


key themes

Mapping it all out

Once our team had collected a load of insights, we needed to organise them. In a collaborative workshop, we guided the team through the process of journey mapping and opportunity brainstorming. Groups were mixed so that stakeholders from different areas of the business were working together to create their journey maps. Reconstructing each moment along a linear path revealed a variety of employee journeys that people could embark on throughout their careers, each a uniquely personal experience for an employee.

The exercise highlighted clear themes for Teachers Health around the need to improve collaboration, community, and innovation in order to keep employees engaged and supported.


Uncovering insights and opportunities

Experience mapping is a critical tool for documenting and quantifying an employee journey across digital and non-digital touchpoints. For the senior management at Teachers Health Fund, the map highlighted which processes were truly necessary, which ones were efficient, and which ones most shaped the employee experience.

Our work helped the team to identify which elements to stop, start, or continue doing, and how to organise them to work together to provide employees with a seamless experience that creates value for both employees and the business.



  • Worked with an experienced team of partners
  • Uncovered hidden insights and trends
  • Found quick wins and long-term initiatives
  • Clarified what to start doing, stop doing, and keep doing
  • Co-created the future state employee experience