Making employees more productive and successful

Modern performance management software

Willow Coaching makes continuous performance management a breeze, so managers can focus on what truly matters: their team.


Make performance management more manageable


Willow Coaching provides tools for coaching and goal setting that are easy to use and effective.

Whether your goal is to make performance reviews easier, help leaders develop their team’s skills, or create a culture of growth and development, Willow Coaching has just what you need for your teams to thrive.


Help employees set and achieve the right goals. Regular, real-time feedback helps employees stay engaged and motivated, and encourages continual development. 


Managers can quickly see what’s going on with their team, set up 1:1 meetings, work with employees to set and track goals, and always know how their team is progressing. Performance information is gathered all in one place, without the need for formal appraisals.


Willow Coaching is highly configurable, so you can customise it to fit with your brand and company culture. Willow integrates with your favorite HRIS, so you can import your people data painlessly. And with Willow’s reporting, you can track the health of your organisation, reward top performers, and identify people who need help.

Achieve more with easy and habit forming goal setting and coaching

Make progress a shared priority


Make it easy for managers to see the status of their team’s coaching at a glance with the team dashboard

Record, track, and measure your goals and coaching activities together in one place

Empower teams with structured templates to help them set better goals and have more effective meetings


Get SMART about setting goals

Recorded goals and coaching activity help your team understand what coaching is being provided and what teams are working towards

Build a culture of goal-setting so everyone knows how to be successful and continue growing

Align team goals so everyone is working to achieve the same things

More reasons to love Willow Coaching


Simple and intuitive design with a modern and easy to use interface


Coaching in real-time replaces long, infrequent performance review cycles and gives employees the regular, frequent feedback they crave


ATS and HRIS integrations make employee data management seamless


Make 1:1s meaningful

Collaborative agendas mean 1:1s are always relevant for both managers and employees

Shared notes help you capture the important parts of the conversation and next steps

Automated email and calendar reminders let you know when you have a goal, 1:1, or team meeting coming up, so you never miss a beat


Track the metrics that matter

Drive more insightful discussions with shared access to interactive, visual reports

Build custom reports so you can always keep tabs on what's critical

Filter on any report to expose underlying data, uncover trends, and see the people behind the percentage

The number one quality of an effective manager is being a good coach.
— Google Re:Work research

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