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Give new hires, and the people that support them, everything they need to ensure they’re off to an enjoyable and productive start with Willow Onboarding.


Leave a lasting first impression


Whether your goal is to bring clarity and transparency to the onboarding process, create brand advocates out of new hires, ensure people get up to speed quickly, or simply to make people feel welcome, Willow Onboarding has just what you need to ensure your new hires thrive.


Ensure people know exactly what they need to do and when, can meet their team, get prepped for day one, learn about your company and culture, and start to grow into their new roles.


Give Hiring Managers a centralised place to view the status of their new hires and find out what they need to do, and when, to ensure each one is set up for success.


Create, personalize, and manage the experience your employees desire. Find out what’s working, how new starters are doing, and any red flags or success stories you should be aware of.

From preboarding to productive, a fresh take on onboarding software

Bring everything together


All the information your new starters need in one place. Personalised content and segmentation allows you to customise the experience, so employees only see what’s relevant.

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Make onboarding everybody’s priority

The new hire dashboard delivers personalised tasks and information to employees just when they need them

Hiring Manager checklists ensure that employees get what they need from their managers as they grow into their roles

Buddy checklists provide everything an onboarding buddy needs to be a helping hand in the first few weeks


Ease those first-day jitters

Introduce new hires to their teams before they start

Answer first-day questions like how to get there, who to meet, and what to wear

Build a community of global new starters


Set good habits from the start


Give Hiring Managers a single source of truth for new starters’ details, where they’re at in their onboarding journey and what support they need


Set clear expectations for new starters upfront, and make regular performance management conversations with managers the norm


Create a growth culture and set people on the path to performance development from day one


Manage your end-to-end onboarding process with ease

Sync to your existing ATS and HRIS and save your team countless hours of double-entry to make employee data management seamless

Automate updates and reminders so you don’t have to follow up

Personalised content and segmentation allow you to customise the experience for every new hire, so they only see what’s relevant


Track and optimize all onboarding activity

Learn which tasks are being completed, and which aren’t

Drive more insightful discussions with shared access to interactive, visual reports

Build custom reports so you can always keep tabs on what's critical

Identify and resolve any bottlenecks or roadblocks

Willow has helped us segment employees the same way we do different customer groups, and really consider their needs to design an experience that reflects them.
— Tony Reynolds, GM of Employee Experience at Cathay Pacific

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